Hats & Caps Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Find the right Hats supplier for your company

Finding the right supplier is essential for a company that is aiming to maintain consistency in production & quality. Bangladesh has been a hot spot for Garments & Accessories supply for decades. Among these suppliers, Dhaka Hats & Caps has been an ingenious & trustworthy company with over 30 years of experience. Founded by Jahangir Alam Sheikh, one pioneer member of Dada Bangladesh, CEO of Dhaka Hats & Caps, made its mark on the Hats & Caps Sector over the decades as a strong competitor and earned reputation through maintaining consistent quality grades.

Dhaka Hats & Caps produces a diverse range of headgear – new era style-size fitted hats, snapback caps, trucker caps, promotional caps, dog-ear caps, beanies & much more! “With order intake (150 to 10,000 pieces) as well as production capacity (15,000 caps per day), Sheikh is content with the FOB of his hats and caps, which ranges between US $ 2 and US $ 50 per piece” (Resources, 2015).

According to the CEO, Jahangir Alam Sheikh, “The Caps/ Hats are solely made in our own Factory. We take orders from International customers worldwide. We accept MOQ 150 pcs or more Caps/Hats per color of fabrics. We make only premium quality caps/hats. Our daily production capacity is 6,000 pieces of caps/hats. We export anywhere of the world.”

If you are looking for a trustworthy Hats & Caps supplier in Asia, make sure to look into Dhaka Hats & Caps.